Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Weekend - 2011

Wait, what happened? Didn't I vow to post more? Truth be told, we haven't been doing anything too interesting. Why take another picture of the kids running down the sidewalk? Plus, Charley has been all over the board sleep wise. Bed late, up early, weird nap schedule. Plus, there was/is the runny nose. Not the cold I thought it was, because she still has it a week later. Maybe her 2 year molars? Anyway, Labor Day weekend saw us doing very little. Oakbrook for Tinker Bell wings, Johanna's house for dinner (where a tired Charley piddled on Johanna's dining room chairs, plus my thank you note it tardy (sorry Johanna and Jason)). Sunday was LobsterFest at my sister's and Cathie P's birthday celebration. Monday? What did we do? It was cold. I know I got dressed, what did we do? Played in the neighbor's sandbox and did fairy stuff with B. Wow, that is it? We are boring, boring, boring. Oh, and I obsessed about my lack of creativity.

How does one become creative? I know I am trying to foster it in the kids, trying never to shoot down their ideas and letting them (B anyway) act on her whims. I haven't really been a good foster-er this summer. With trying to sell the unsellable house, I haven't wanted to make a mess. I am not even sewing as much as I would like. Every time I take out the sewing machine, we get a showing (for them to love our house, but you know, it only has 1.5 baths). Seriously, every time. No exaggeration.

Anyway, We'll get back on the arty wagon - starting with B's birthday party. Art activities with a rainbow theme. I have the invites made, I just need to print them. I have to get to work on the decor and the activities. And think good thoughts that we have a nice day. The thought of a billion kids in my little house makes my hackles rise. See, we were supposed to be in the Brady house for B's party. Oh well.

Enough of my jabber, on to the pictures.

The Tinker Bell Costume is complete.

Well, B's is. Charley still needs wings and shoes.
I didn't buy them because she had no interest
when we were at the Disney Store. Back to Oakbrook I go.

Playing with Cousin Jeana at Lobster Fest.

The only place Charley will eat raspberries. Right
out of Dick's garden.

My sister will hate me for this, but how cute does she look.
Almost as cute as....


B wanted to keep the antenna for her collection.
I convinced her a picture will do. Can you imagine stinky
lobster sitting around the house. YUCK!

We also celebrated Cathie P's 60th birthday. Grandma
Mary looks as good as the day I met her 20 years ago. Crap. I am
the old one. I was in college when Lee moved to Gurnee.

Trampoline time. Charley was exhausted
that night. Still didn't sleep that well. Imagine that!

This is on Labor Day. Notice the long sleeves. Brrr...
And B's Tinker Bell shoes. Must get
Charley a pair that fits.

B's fairy house, complements of Cathie P. I glued
the stuff on. B hates the glue gun. Wonder why?
Aren't the canoe and oars cute? B's design.

Sandbox time.

Do I need to get this kid her own Tinker Bell stuff or what?

Lastly, a bath before bed. Getting off all the weekend grime.

I have another day in the life post to do. Of course, I took the photos on Tuesday and here it is Thursday and I am still working on the post from the weekend. (While I am supposed to be shopping at the green market for food and going to pick up birthday present and going to the endodontist. Plus, I have the Charley's Tinker Bell Dress to finish. Other dresses that are almost done, Shadow and Isabel to the vet, Charley to speech, laundry, dishes, etc, etc. And I am sitting here trying to entertain you. OK, better get a move on!

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Nichole said...

I just love those Tink outfits, Georgine! They couldn't have turned out any cuter!! I see those, and the fairy house, and think..."WHAT lack of creativity is she referring to??!"