Friday, March 1, 2013

News Flash....I am Putting B in a Bubble

I have been in denial for about a year. The hygienist said B's tooth was loose a couple of visits ago. I worried at the time but the tooth never fell out so I just filed the worry away. Flash forward to a month or so ago when said tooth became extra loose. Wiggly according to B. Still in denial, I forged on not believing it would ever happen. When I picked her up from school today I got the bad news. Boy, B was so excited. She lost the tooth at lunch. First kid in kindergarten to lose a tooth.

B is writing a note asking the Tooth Fairy to leave the tooth. And the Tooth Fairy is googling just how much kids get these days for losing their first tooth.

I am putting this kid in a bubble, people. No more growing up for her. Sob. Tears. Boo hoo.

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