Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Can You Say A Crap-Load of Pictures?

It is currently 92 degrees at 2:42 and both girls have a little heat tiredness.  They are sitting on the couch watching Dumbo while I type this and work on a dress for B that probably won't work.  I should just use a pattern next time or I should make the same dress shown below in different fabric.  B's official party dress.  I guess I should be happy she likes it!

June 2nd, Birthday Party for a friend at Ella's Pink Bow-tique.

B was a little hesitant because it was a drop-off party, but we told her we'd stay close and eat dinner at the wood-fired pizza place two doors down.   It was a nice evening so we walked downtown.   THe pizza was good and B had fun.  Each girl got a little something at the Bow-tique. 

How perfect is Chatch's crown?

June 3rd - Grandpa nad Pat came for a visit.  Of course, no pictures of them, but here is a skort I made B merging a tutorial from Ikatbag and a pattern from Lil Blue Boo.

June 4th Charley's  "red red Belle dress"

June 6th Cute random photo of Charley

 June 7th Reading with Mike.  My kids want book after book read to them.  They are insatiable for "literature."

June 8th Mike found a toad in the window well and saved it.

Needless to say, B was ecstatic. 

She put together a little Playmobil home for it.  I think it's name was Rebecca.  She eventually hopped away.  (And yes, Charley spends 80% of her time in some sort of princess get-up.)


June 13th An alligator named Bubba came to school.   Yes, my kids go to "school" in the summer. I need some sort of break!  Notice how Charley isn't interested in holding the alligator.

Isn't that one large alligator walking around B's class?

June 14th The kids are over the "Rainbow."  I would like to say the set is new, but no way am I paying that kind of money for a swingset!  Grandpa negotiated a used set for us and Rainbow moved it.  Here are the guys putting it back together.

Here are the girls waiting and watching.

Finally! (Not really, the guys were qucik and nice, the girls were excited and impatient.)

June 17th  Happy Father's Day Mike!  We traveled up to camp Lee to swim and slide and eat.  How much do my girls love their cousins?  Those big girls treat the little ones like queens!

Seriously queen materiel!

Is this the favorite cousin?

Or this one?

Charley jumping off the diving board.

Super B!

I was watching B at the public pool yesterday thinking how far she has come in terms of swimming.  Then I remembered that she has been taking non-stop lessons for a year and a half.  Still, here she is diving for rings.

Aha!  Slip and slide. 

Even Champ got into it!

I have one of Lee slip and sliding, but she gave me some hush money to delete it.  (I actually didn't delete it, so if you pay me more than she did, I will show it to you - shhh don't tell her.)

Ready, Set JUMP!

OK, maybe she wears a princess dress 90% of the time.  This is Merida from the new movie Brave.

And here is the happy Dad.  HA!

June 18th Pool Time!

June 19th School Time (Yeah for me!)

 And play time!

 My monkeys are getting restless.  I guess Dumbo isn't interesting enough for Charley.  She might need a nap.  you know, at 3:11.   Seriously, can't she nap at 1 and leave us some time to burn the nap energy?  Or you know, buy green beans for dinner or food for the dogs?  I really haven't talked at all about what is going in here at the Brady House.  Shadow is doing acupuncture, the turtle has shell rot (not as bad as it sounds) Isabel is rebelling against the new cat Two Scoops of Cocoa, plus has something else wrong with her (she basically urinated on my head (OK, my pillow, but head sounds more dramatic) at 4AM)>  Seriously, there were 5 days there I didn't sleep between Cha Cha, Shadow the turtle or Isabel.  The good news is, Charley spent three nights in her own bed - all night!  YEAH!  of course, she came in at 5:30n this morning.  Let's see, what else?  I know stuff has happened, but you know, I only have half a brain cell left. I have been sewing and printing and dying fabric.  Mostly bike short and regular shorts.  I made the cutest dyed shibori shorts, but I must not have a picture.  They are pretty cool if I say so.  Oh and this is for Barb, if you are reading. I bought a cover stitch machine.  A stand a lone one so I don't have to switch back and forth, plus it was cheaper than a combo unit.  I like it!  I still want to get a binding attachment and maybe the one that fold the fabric.  I need to get in there and look at them.  OI have bathing suit fabric screaming to be used.  You know, 'cause the kids need more bathing suits.  HA!

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Nichole said...

Okay, Gracie totally has the same crown as C!! Princess meet up in Disney! Just sayin'...

I love the pool pics, but I can't seem to find the picture of YOU doing the slip and slide...maybe I'm just overlooking it?

Can't wait to see some of your own fabric prints!