Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nothing like taking a year or so off from the blog....

I would like to say I have been so busy that I couldn't ted to my blog, but truth is, I just choose to do other things.  Instagram is so much easier than blogging.  So. if you Instagram. follow me at Georgineb1.

2014 was a blur.  Charley turned 4, B started 2nd grade at a new school and turned 8! and Charley started reading and writing.  I turned 43!  Where has time gone?  We also hit Disney in October for Halloween.  We did it a little differently and stayed at the Beach Club Villas, where we had a kitchen, so eating at Disney was way better for me than relying on their restaurants (giant turkey leg?).   Christmas was not the easiest for me.  It seems like so much work!  We toned it back a bit and told the girls they could only ask for a few things from Santa.  Otherwise, Charley would circle everything in the Target Catalog and say she wants it.   The year ended with both girls getting Chicken Pox! Yeah, really weird.  B has been vaccinated and actually got more spots than the unvaccinated Charley.  Truthfully, we tanked them up with Lysine and they got maybe 40 spots total between the two of them.

This past January, the little bit turned 5.  I couldn't believe she wanted a Frozen party, really an over played theme, but I made it work.  I cut at least 200 snowflakes to hang from the dining room ceiling, blew up (OK, Mike did it and used a pump) 50 balloons for the family room, and had a sugar Olaf made.  Anna and Elsa heard about the fabulous party and couldn't help but crash. There are a ton of photos - here are a few.  Robin also took a bunch so it was a well covered party, photographically.  

I spent a bit of time at Charley's school painting chairs with the kids for the school auction.

We went to see the baby goats at Rustic Road Farm (great place for local pork, chicken and eggs).

What else?  There has been plenty of art making, pretzel bun making, granola making, sewing.  We are spending a lot of time making a lot of our food.  I am tired of looking at the back of a package to see it has food coloring or preservatives or something our kids should not be eating (or us for that matter).  

B, 8, is into karate (currently a red belt).  Charley, 5 is into ballet and acting.  Both are makers and love Netflix.  They paint shirts,  make stop motion films, make dioramas, potion making and Perler beads.  Mike took them to the Daddy Daughter Dance.  I have been sewing Alabama Chanin Style and well as machine sewing and doing some painting, drawing and stamp making.  Bird/squirrel watching/feeding, crazy hair day, snow, days off school, hand making valentines, legos.  We are not busy, but we get stuff done.

 B painted the board she cracked at a martial arts demo.

I can't believe it is already late March.  

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Chatch gives B a Christmas Present

One of Charley's enrichment programs at Montessori is art. She has a great teacher named Miss Nicole. They made cute art the kids gave as presents. When Charley's teacher asked her who she was giving the gift to, Chatch said "B". She decorated the paper herself and drew a heart on the back (I thought it was a B).

Charley couldn't wait to give it to B. As soon as B got home from school, Charley gave it to her.

I would say they are the sweetest sisters, but I don't want to jinx it.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Life Lately in The Brady House

I figure I better get some pictures up before the Christmas deluge (which has started) and before I turn into Scrooge (hardy har right? When am I never not Scrooge?).

Let's see, these photos are from November, which went so quickly, right?

The first three are from some Saturday where the girls were bored. I took them to Michael's bought them a boat-load of Model Magic- like enough to keep them busy for a month. It barely lasted the afternoon. It was cute when they did the dragon parade later that evening.

A little fairy art of B's.

A little fairy named Chatch,

I think this was in the way to school. Remember when it was warm enough for a light coat and not hat and mitts?

B draws ALL THE TIME. After she prataices her spelling words (in pen) she draws. Sushi dinner, draws.

Oh, I made cheese crackers - you know goldfish crackers. Fairly easy, very few ingredients. Check out Smitten Kitchen for the recipe. I am trying to buy less packaged food.. NO foods coloring, preservatives, GMOS, HFCS.

Ahhhh, this is a cave cricket. We assume the Scoops the cat brought it up for the basement. My very smart feiend Robin figured out what it is for us.

Here are the girls at the Pet Expo. We went to see bats, which are not good pets. Neither are kinkajous. But domestic skunks are, as well as hedgehogs. Who knew? The Expo also had a bunch of pet rescue organizations, I was hoping to fins a new dog. But with MIke in tow, it wasn't successful venture.

Chatch all dressed up for a ballet birthday party for a fellow ballet student.

She wasn't really grumpy and she had a good time.

I bought the girls this face sticker pad with stickers to make the faces. They did a few pages, then turned each other into canvases.

Isabel in her new heated car bed. She only leaves to eat and use the litterbox.

We made slime. Or slimy snow. THe kids LOVED IT.

Chatch's art from her art class at school.

B's art from her art class art school. The dog's name is Patrick.

This is Teddy, our new dog. She is 3 and she doesn't shed. This is probably the only reason Mike said yes to another dog. He also said I wore hime down.

Here are a couple of crazy kid photos.

Food coloring makes kids do crazy things.

B's fairy drawing.

Thanksgiving with the cousins.

Isn't Jess a good egg?

B made Charley Climbing Kitty whiskers.

These sisters are like "this." They do fight sometimes, but mostly they are great together. I really couldn't ask for more. Yeah, you are right, I can always ask for more. They could listen the first time I ask, and they could pick up after themselves.

I made this shirt for B. I painted the sleeves and the B, then used my machine to appliqué it. I made Charley one too.

I made this for B too. Cool Tulip glitter shimmer paint and a Silhouette cut stencil. Charley also got this tee too.

One more thing I made, this cute little hippo from a RicRac. All hand sewn.

Chatch in a wig. Seriously. Makes me giggle every time.

I will try to keep up with the posting. I am thinking I just need to snap a picture and post it immediately. It may help?!?!?!?

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